USDA to Conduct Census of Aquaculture
Published on Dec 19, 2018

This week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) will kick off the 2018 Census of Aquaculture. This census is the only comprehensive source of information on the aquaculture industry in the nation. Last conducted five years ago, this census serves as the baseline for many decisions involving the sustainability and growth of U.S. aquaculture, and will be mailed to all farmers who indicated on their 2017 Census of Agriculture forms that they produce and sell aquaculture products.

The results will also help aquaculture organizations assess the current state of this critical sector of the U.S. economy. USDA’s NASS will survey farm operators to collect detailed information related to production and production methods, surface water acres and sources, sales, point of first sale, and distributed aquaculture.

Census data can be used by anyone in the aquaculture industry, including:

 • Growers to make informed decisions about the future state and planning for their own operations, including whether or not to expand production, and to compare production volumes and pricing points with state and U.S. averages.

 • Aquaculture businesses and suppliers use the facts and figures to determine the locations of facilities that will serve producers and plan for the production and marketing of new products.

 • Legislators use Census numbers when shaping policies and programs, and evaluating and determining government funding and resources.

  • Extension and university representatives use the data to determine research needs and justify research funding and programs to develop new and improved methods of aquaculture production and profitability.

The deadline to complete the survey is February 15. Aquaculture producers can respond to these questionnaires online, by mail, or by phone. The online questionnaire has timesaving features, including automatic calculations and a mobile responsive interface. Survey results will be available October 10, 2019.

For more information about this survey, call (888) 424-7828 or visit the USDA NASS website at

You can also reach them on Twitter @USDA_NASS