Urban Organics Update - February 2017
Published on Feb 14, 2017

Urban Organics

Today we bring you an exciting update about the progress at the Urban Organics Schmidt’s location in St. Paul, MN! This past week a site visit was conducted and the development inside the building is incredible.

As the photos show, the crew has what looks like about 75% of the racks constructed. Here, they’re also working on installing the grow lights, which is coming along quite nicely. Where will all of this produce be stored between harvest and delivery, you ask? Check out the enormous walk-in refrigerator, located just feet from the plant beds.

In the aquaculture room, the tanks are full of water and ready for the first cohort of fish in the on-site hatchery to reach the appropriate size. Once at that point, they will be transferred and continue the grow-out process. The “guts” of the facility where the magic happens – the filtration room – is also up and running with multiple Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems PR Aqua Drum Filters, Sparus CFT pumps, Point Four monitoring and control equipment… the list goes on.

The photos may not do not do it justice, but this operation is absolutely massive and extremely impressive. We can’t wait to update you with additional progress in the near future!   

Urban Organics