Urban Organics: Let the Harvesting Begin!
Published on Sep 10, 2015

Let the Harvesting Begin

After the long Labor Day weekend, the Urban Organics team got back to harvesting and jumped into the fish tank! We are trialing our new lettuces, including a baby romaine, and continuing to produce fresh basil and watercress. Most exciting this week was harvesting our mature tilapia and making room for the new addition hybrid striped bass we are raising. We will be transferring the baby stripers to a 3,500 gallon tank next week!

This weekend Urban Organics will be donating tilapia to a free community meal put together by another local organization, Urban Oasis, whose focus is on local and sustainable food access in the East St. Paul neighborhood. Other big news for next week will be the celebration of the Schmidt Well House through Urban Organics free water giveaway from 8am to 12 pm September 19th.  

We suggest making some zesty pesto with our basil this weekend!

Coming soon ... Roofing materials in…let the roofing begin!