Urban Organics is Honored & The Fish Are Happy!
Published on Oct 1, 2015

Urban Organics Progress

It was an exciting productive week here at Urban Organics! We transferred our maturing tilapia to a new tank with more space to socialize and grow. This required a team effort when gently moving the fish from one tank to the adjacent one, as well as making sure each fish was accounted for in the move. Some splashes were involved during the process, and now the fish are swimming happily! This week we were also invited to participate in The Minnesota Venture Conference. We were honored to have the opportunity to give a presentation on the successes and future of Urban Organics to other entrepreneurs and companies who attended the event. Progress on the new Schmidt Facility was also underway, as the roofers continued to work on the warehouse, putting a roof with better insulation on for those cold MN winters!