Taste of BC Aquafarms Inc featured on Shaw TV Nanaimo
Published on Sep 9, 2015

The Taste of BC Aquafarms was featured on Shaw TV Nanaimo. The farm is designed to produce 100 tonnes annually of Steelhead Trout using recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) and circular culture tank technologies. The facility supports an economically viable business, provides training and research opportunities, and is a model for farm diversification and growth of freshwater aquaculture in Canada. Project proponents and contributors include Taste of BC Aquafarms (owner), PR Aqua Supplies Ltd. (now a division of Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems), Vancouver Island University, IPSFAD, Tides Canada, and many others.

The treatment vessel for this farm is a significant innovative advance. Fluidized Sand Bioreactors (FSB) have been known as a superior mode of treatment in RAS facilities. However the design has historically required significant power consumption. To minimize costs, aeration has been limited. In this farm, the FSB has been submerged and is fed by gravity. This new design reduces pumping costs by at least 25% making it not only more efficient as a bioreactor but also providing more efficient double aeration. The treatment system is also combined into a large concrete vessel requiring minimal footprint and providing easier access.

Pentair has provided the following services: bio-programming, system planning and engineering design, aquaculture equipment supply of both custom and standard products, construction review, commissioning, and operational assistance.


Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) grow-out

Partial Reuse Aquaculture System (PRAS) purge systems

Technology Utilized

Tanks: Fiberglass tanks with Cornell dual drain technology

Solids: Micro Screen Drum Filters

Biofiltration: Fluidized Sand Beds

Pumping: Axial flow pumps

Gas Balancing: Purge system- Oxytower, Low Head Oxygenators, CO2 Strippers

                            Grow-out- CO2 Strippers, Low Head Oxygenators

Disinfection: UV & Ozone disinfection

Oxygen: VSA Oxygen generator


Taste of BC