Sprouting Basil and Getting in the Fall Spirit
Published on Oct 8, 2015

uo basil

Sprouting Basil and Getting in the Fall Spirit 

Another fun week here at Urban Organics! We cleared out a couple of old beds to make room for our basil sprouts. There are four key phases in our basil’s lifespan; planting seeds in the media, thinning excess sprouts, transplanting into grow beds, and harvesting. It takes about six weeks from seed to harvest. With all the basil we are growing, making fresh pesto is an easy choice when deciding how best to use this ingredient. Below is one of the recipes we have used in the past, but feel free to do some experimentation adding different spices and nut types. After blending up this pesto, add some life to your sandwiches or make some drab pasta fab!


Pesto Recipe: