Sparus™ with Constant Flow Technology™ in the Koi Market
Published on Apr 29, 2015

Summer 2014, Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems introduced the Sparus™ Pump with Constant Flow Technology™ to the koi market, specifically to a key influencer in the industry, Carolyn Weise, who works at Mid Atlantic Koi Club (MAKC). We began advertising the PAES Pump and Carolyn contacted our marketing department after reading the pumps key features. She purchased the pump after hearing the features from our tech specialist, including: 

  • Being the world’s first aquaculture duty pump to deliver a CONSTANT user-defined flow rate 
  • A pump motor speed that self-adjusts to maintain the constant flow rate setting, even as system conditions change 
  • Digital communication (port RS-48) that allows monitoring and control by PLC systems.


 “When it came time to replace my old pump I looked into the new Sparus with Constant Flow Technology from Pentair AES. My fish are important to me and I simply knew I had to have it based on what I’ve read about the technology. I’ve only owned the pump a couple of months and have been able to dial into a flow rate that is both great for my pond and my electric bill. The new pump is doing a great job- what a blessing!” – Carolyn Weise

We are so pleased that the Sparus™ Pump with Constant Flow Technology™ is a success for Carolyn and her Koi! We look forward to more success stories for our loyal customers.