Soil vs. Hydroponics TT 38
Published on May 12, 2014

Soil vs. Hydroponics - Tech Talk 38

Hydroponics has many advantages over soil culture. The most obvious advantage is having complete control of the growing environment. In addition, plant spacing is only limited by available light (which can be increased), virtually any plant can be grown in the same geographical location, small quantities of fertilizers are easily distributed to all plants with no leaching beyond the root zone, plant maturity is reached quickly, there are no weather disasters, pesticide use is reduced or eliminated, harvest cost is reduced and harvest time can be planned for seasonal high prices.

Hydroponics also produces a much higher yield than standard soil culture. For example: soil culture of tomatoes may yield 5–10 tons of product per acre per year, whereas hydroponic tomato production can exceed 200 tons per acre per year!