PENTAIR AES Sponsors Aquaculture Education Website
Published on May 9, 2018

The upcoming PBS television series Good Catch will be taking some of the world’s most renowned chefs out to meet fishermen and fish farmers where their seafood is caught and harvested. And they’ll be taking millions of viewers with them to experience the stories of aquaculture farms and fisheries.

Good Catch chefs will meet fish farmers on location at the aquaculture site, discuss new developments in aquaculture, and share more about the sustainability of fish farming industry. After spending the day sharing stories and experiences, the chef will take fresh seafood back to the kitchen and cook up something scrumptious from the fishery or aquaculture facility. Good Catch has already signed on more than a dozen renowned chefs, including Michael Cimarusti, Niki Nakayama, Renee Erickson, Kerry Heffernan and Spike Gjerde.

As part of the series, Good Catch producers have launched, an educational website to help share real stories from fish farms and aquaculture facilities. Pentair AES is a supporting partner of The website aims to change the narrative around fish farming, where more than half the world’s consumer seafood is produced.

From the Salty Farmer website:

“We are all quick to say that aquaculture holds the key to feeding our future. And while this is certainly true, we can all admit that aquaculture has an image problem. People are confused. A negative narrative has dominated the aquaculture story. How can we dispel these myths? Storytelling. People are hungry for the story of their food. There are countless positive stories to tell and images consumers could never imagine — recirculating tanks, floating spheres, bobbing cages. There are endless species to be had — seaweeds, finfish, shellfish and fascinating farmers that grow them.” is still looking for more aquaculture stories to tell. Connect with their social media @goodcatchfilms, or visit their website at to share your salty farmer tale.

A few sneak peeks from Good Catch are available from Maryland Public Television. Check out the early clips from Good Catch to get a first look at this innovative aquaculture experience.