Pure Oxygen vs. Diffused Air TT7
Published on May 12, 2014

Pure Oxygen vs. Diffused Air - Tech Talk 7

Cost is one of the biggest considerations. This generalized chart should help to quantify the difference between using an air blower with diffusers and using pure oxygen with a water pump and oxygen saturator (oxygen cone). Also see "Oxygen or Aeration" Tech Talk. THIS GENERALIZED CHART IS BASED ON:

  • Electric Cost of 8¢ per KWH,
  • Sweetwater® Standard Diffusers at 40" H2O,
  • Water Temperature 80°F (27°C) Sea Level,
  • Fresh Water @ 24 lb/day Oxygen Concentrator,
  • 40 gpm Pump Using 5 Amps @ 115V.

Pure Oxygen vs. Diffused Air

This cost comparison illustrates that blowers are more efficient at lower D.O. saturation values and pure oxygen is more efficient at higher D.O. saturation values. Note that the cost of adding pure oxygen remains almost the same until reaching higher super saturation levels, then pumping pressures and, therefore, cost goes up.   

Pure Oxygen vs. Diffused Air