Pump Selection Guide TT93
Published on May 8, 2014

Pump Selection Guide - Tech Talk 93

  1. Determine type: submersible or centrifugal
  2. Determine gpm and total head required (in feet).
  3. Select the pump that allows the most efficient (lowest amps) operation in the range for which you will be using it.
  4. Compare features to others of that type.

Pumps and their performance curves are often designed for a particular application. The technicians at Pentair AES have searched far and wide for pumps that provide the best features and economy for use in aquaculture. We have designed the pump section of the catalog to simply speed up your selection process. However, it's still somewhat complex, so if you need help, call one of our technicians at 877-347-4788. They enjoy helping our customers.

Pump Selection Guide