Published on Jan 25, 2015


The RIU3 (Point Four's next generation Remote User Interface) offers a host of features suited to our customers’ detailed requirements for continuous monitoring & control of water parameters.

The RIU3 functions as either a stand-alone field mounted transmitter/controller, or can be daisy chained to create a multi-linked network connection, supporting up to 99 units. An unlimited amount of multi-linked network connections can be made allowing for a scalable system from small hatchery operations to large RAS systems.

The RIU3 will accept multiple input types (4-20mA/ 0-5 V/ Modbus RS485) and contains 2 SPDT 4amp relays which can be setup for up to six control blocks. Control blocks are configured directly via the keypad, or through a PC using a computer connection cable; allowing users to setup local control, configure alarm conditions or even perform PID function. A key feature of the RIU3 is tank side probe calibration and configuration which is easily performed using the weatherproof 4 button keypad.


Weatherproof Enclosure:
NEMA 4x IP65 Rated

Easy to Read:
Large Font Backlit Display

Multiple System Congurations:
Single Unit Controller or Multi-linked Network (up to 99 units)

Various Sensor Input Types:
Oxygen, Temperature, BP, pH/ORP, Salinity, TGP, Optical DO

User Selectable Control:
· Control alarms, solenoid valves, feeders etc. via the keypad interface using the digital outputs and PID (proportional-integral-derivative) function
· Configure a relay to trigger a device when the probe reaches a specified value with the alarm set point feature
· Immediately respond to conditions with local control capability
· Perform single user tank side sensor calibration

2 Relay Outputs:
Digital outputs for alarm or control:
Alerting Alarm Conditions via Light, Siren or SMS and Dosing Oxygen or Controlling Blowers.