pH Probe Care and Storage TT30
Published on May 12, 2014

pH Probe Care and Storage - Tech Talk 30

Proper handling and storage of pH electrodes will not only help to prolong the electrode's life, but also will ensure fast, accurate readings. General guidelines include:

  • Electrodes should be rinsed between samples with deionized or distilled water.
  • Never wipe an electrode dry as this can cause erroneous readings due to static charges.
  • Never store electrodes in water; doing so will cause a sluggish response.
  • Always keep the tip of the pH electrode moist. Electrode storage solution is a solution of 4M KCl. If unavailable, a pH 4 buffer solution will also work temporarily.
  • In general, pH buffers only have a two-year shelf life unopened. Once opened, the shelf life drops to 2-3 months. However open pH 10 calibration solution only has a 30-day shelf life.