Pentair Environmental Systems Helps with Buoyancy in a Growing Market
Published on Jan 28, 2015

Pentair Environmental Systems Helps with Buoyancy in a Growing Market 

Pentair Environmental Systems (Greenspan) is based in Coffs Harbour with regional offices in Brisbane, Perth, Singapore & USA. The Coffs Harbour office is the engineering, design and manufacturing hub for the businesses. PES has delivered more than 1,000 environmental monitoring projects in 26 countries since 1995, been featured on Discovery Channel and designed a flash flood warning system in Kuala Lumpur for the SMART (Storm water Management and Road Tunnel) Project which recently received a UN Habitat award. Pentair Environmental Systems has engaged over 20 local businesses who have contributed a range of products and services to manufacture the buoys used in several projects such as the one featured on Discovery Channel.

The marine environment in China is seen as a major resource for development; hence the Maritime Agency is releasing tenders for the monitoring of the environment to ensure the environment is protected. China’s Maritime Agency has responsibility for the monitoring of the quality of the coastal zone. The new China project has 6 stations in total, 4 floating buoys and 2 shore base systems in Shandong region in China. Project value is over 1 million AUD and was bid and won by our Singapore office.  This project has been commissioned on the back of the successful Project Neptune in Singapore in 2012. This project had 8 buoys strategically positioned around Singapore waters to protect their fisheries infrastructure. Project Neptune has the ability to forecast in advance where crude oil or nutrient spills would be in 6, 12 or 24 hours. The China project and Project Neptune uses the same design and technology. 

A team of 4 specialist staff from Coffs Harbour will travel to China to work with the locally based staff to deliver the project.

pes-buoyThe buoy measure a range of parameters:

  • Water quality-pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Electrical Conductivity, Total Algae
  • Visibility Sensors-Detects fog & snow at 10-30,000 meters
  • Crude & refined fuel sensors
  • Aids to Navigation Unit-Data from the buoys sent to container ships.
  • Weather Station-Wind speed and direction, solar radiation, rainfall, barometric pressure, relative humidity
  • Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ACDP)-Wave height & direction, water level, current speed & direction
  • GPS

All this data is sent real-time to base station so the client can make real time decisions based on up to date data.

Are you interested in Coastal Water Quality monitoring?

The coastal zone is a particularly difficult environment for measurement, with biofouling capable of impacting water quality measurements in days or weeks. We’ve solved many of the traditional problems of water quality measurements through the use of an innovative sampling system housing the sensitive instrumentation inside the buoy platform shown above. Single parameter instruments can also be mixed and matched to any combination; ideally suiting biofouling resistant systems like the buoy mounted sampling system. By housing inside the buoy, biofouling is drastically reduced, extending deployment times from as little as 14 days to many parameters surviving over 3 months between cleaning. Interested in more? Contact our PES department today.