Pentair's Living Wall at the Viking's Stadium
Published on Oct 11, 2016

Pentair Living Wall

Pentair is proud to be a Founding Partner of U.S. Bank Stadium, and Official Sustainable Water Partner of the Minnesota Vikings. With the theme “Your Water Champion,” Pentair has created exciting fan experiences and intriguing installations designed to highlight our expertise and solutions to better manage water where we live, work, play, eat and drink. Each of Pentair’s installations are designed to educate fans, create connection and underscore the fact that water connects us all. One of the three installations is the Pentair Living Wall.

As a global leader in sustainable water solutions, Pentair knows that life grows where good water flows.  To champion its Aquaponics technology and insight, Pentair created the Living Wall to demonstrate how it grows local, organic fresh produce and fish in urban environments using a fraction of the water of traditional farming. Located on the Lower Level Concourse, the Living Wall features fresh herbs from St. Paul-based Urban Organics alongside transparent LCD light box screens that share the Aquaponics story.

While the herbs growing in the wall are not for consumption, as they are an integral part of the installation, the wall’s contents are quite impressive. Below are some interesting facts about Pentair’s Living Wall:

  • 112 gallons of water are recirculated in full approximately once an hour.
  • Pentair UV Sterilizer EU25U is used as part of the water recirculation process.
  • The wall contains 545 plants, measuring approximately 6 inches each.
  • The wall is currently made up of the following plant varieties:        
    • 60 Hydroponic plants – current mix of basil, mint and lettuce
    • 306 Pothos Pearls and Jade
    • 152  Philodendron cordatum
    • 87  Epipremnum aureum “Neon”

Thank you to our partners McCaren Designs, Inc. and Space 150 for helping to bring the Pentair Living Wall to life.

Pentair Living Wall