Published on Nov 1, 2014

PAES Water



PAES Water is our center for research and demonstration of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) technology. This facility will be located on the existing campus of PAES, Apopka, Florida and we anticipate completion during the second half of February 2015. The purpose of PAESWATER is to establish leadership in RAS, as well as serve as a research, training, and demonstration center for this technology. It will house the Center of Excellence for UV treatment within Pentair. We plan to showcase our products and supplier’s products in a modern, controlled environment where our staff, workshop students and visitors will have a first-hand look at the overall aquaculture process.

We want to demonstrate RAS technologies because RAS is a type of aquaculture that is equipment intensive. The culture conditions are more intensive and densities are higher than in traditional pond aquaculture (about eight times the production capacity per acre). PAES has significant product offerings for RAS including pumps, filters, controllers, UV treatment units, etc. RAS as an aquaculture type is growing at a fast rate. It requires less water and land resources, facilities can be located nearer to markets and can be located in wider range of areas than traditional pond aquaculture operations. Think in concept of food miles; how far did your meal travel today? RAS production systems are favored by Seafood Watch and Food & Water Watch organizations because they are proven to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

Stay tuned for more facility updates!

PAES Water