London's Green Entrepreneurs
Published on Feb 15, 2015

London’s Green Entrepreneurs Share Their Urban Aquaponic Passion & Success

Co-founder of Grow Up Urban Farms Kate Hofman has been recognized as one of this year’s London Leaders, creating the GrowUp box as the first commercial aquaponic urban farm in the UK.

Building off of an idea that was once just a passion Kate & Tom shared, now is a reality they would like to share with their community and beyond. Atop a roof in London’s urban environment sits a shipping container with hundreds of appetizing fish and a greenhouse growing plants and micro-herbs. This system produces tons of salad greens and fish, lending a sustainable hand to their community of best chefs and health conscious families; all while lowering the environmental impact of agriculture. 

Last year Grow up Urban Farms had huge success with their batch of Tilapia, providing fresh aquatic fish stock to numerous local markets, trendy bars and eateries. This year they are harvesting Carp; these fish are high in demand for popular dishes such as curry in the UK regions. They are also omnivorous fish, which creates potential to lower the costs for fish feed; instead they can be fed more sustainable fish food such as tofu waste or grains from brewing.  

Sharing their globally beneficial endeavor with their community has been extremely rewarding for the co-founders. From local Thai restaurants to popular pubs and green shops, many have now tasted and spread the word, subsequently ordering from the farm.     Hofman says “We grow a really large selection of stuff – from high-end microgreens that go to posh restaurants to sprinkle on risotto, to rocket and salad, baby gem or Thai basil that families can use.” Closing on an exponential amount of funding in 2014, Hofman and Webster are now moving forward with plans to construct and operate a building 70 times larger than their current space.

We hope for great business for our fellow healthy living leaders and success in pioneering the commercialization of aquaponics! 

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