Lamp comparison for UV disinfection
Published on Feb 10, 2015

Lamp Comparison for UV Disinfection in Aquaculture

Low-Pressure “Hard Quartz Glass” UV Lamps provide the greatest UV-C output from initial input watts, the longest useful lamp life, the greatest variety of styles and sizes, and are the most cost efficient.

The UV lamp is the most critical component of any UV Sterilizer. It determines the equipment size, initial purchase price, and the cost of ownership. UV equipment is used with aquatic life support systems for the specific purposes of either germicidal disinfection or ozone destruction. When compared to any other UV lamp type (Medium-Pressure), the Low-Pressure “Hard Quartz Glass” UV lamp family delivers the highest UV-C Output of their initial Input Watts, offer the longest useful life, and generates the least amount of heat. They are the most “temperature compatible”, cost efficient, and offer the largest variety of sizes.

The following information is “third-party” validated. Here we demonstrate why Low-Pressure Hard Quartz Glass UV lamps are superior to Medium-Pressure or Low-Pressure/Low-Output Soft Glass UV Lamps (specifically for germicidal disinfection in aquatic life support systems).

Medium-Pressure UV Lamps vs. Low-Pressure UV Lamps

  • Medium-Pressure Lamps produce 10 times more HEAT (1,600 F) than Low-Pressure Lamps (180 F max)
  • Medium-Pressure Lamps produce the majority of their UV Output in the UV Output in the UV-A and UV-B spectral areas (well outside the specific UV-C “Germicidal Spectrum”)
  • Low-Pressure UV lamps produce 33-40% of their UV Output in the UV-C action spectrum, which is unmatched by Medium-Pressure Lamps (maximum 7-13%).
  • Our high quality T5 Standard-Output, T5 HO and Amalgam UV lamps deliver an unmatched 9,000 hours of continual operation while retaining >80% efficiency, as opposed to Medium-Pressure Lamps’ typical life of between 700 to 4,000 hours while retaining as little as 60% efficiency.
  • Low-Pressure Lamps’ “cost of ownership” is far LESS EXPENSIVE than Medium-Pressure Lamps, due to Medium-Pressure Lamps’ short lamp life. Short lamp life requires that they be replaced much more frequently.
  • In order to obtain the maximum life from a Medium-Pressure Lamp the lamp’s operating temperature must constantly be monitored and controlled. This increased level of control adds a higher level of sophistication & expense to the UV system.