L3-Plus Series™ and H3-Plus Series™ Pumps
Published on Sep 30, 2014

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Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc. introduces the new L3-PLUS Series™ and H3-PLUS Series™ Pumps. These pumps were engineered using best-in-class technology. The proprietary impeller design delivers a higher level of precision concentricity for increased efficiency. The proprietary hydraulic isolator smooths the water flow inside the volute, raising the efficiency even higher. A rugged plastic construction delivers durable pumps at an affordable price. The L3-PLUS, ultra-dependable and energy efficient pumps, are an excellent choice for applications that require maximum flow rates at low head. They are also perfectly suited for ponds, water features, fountains and aquaculture. The H3-PLUS is an excellent choice for any application that requires maximum flow rates at medium head.

L3-Plus Series™ and H3-Plus Series™ features include:

• Freshwater and Saltwater compatible, 316SS internal fasteners, EPDM/Stainless mechanical seal.

• Hydraulic isolator separates priming water from pumping water for faster priming, more turbulent-free flow and increased efficiency.

• H3-PLUS Models feature Aquaculture-duty, totally-enclosed-fan-cooled (TEFC) motor with anodized aluminum construction.

• Union connectors included for connecting directly to 2.5" or 3" plumbing.

• Diamond seals made of oxidation-resistant, self-retaining EPDM rubber for increased durability and tighter seal.

• Extra-large, robust basket with smooth surface for easy debris removal.

• Easy-carry handle; easily removable, ergonomic lock ring; and see-through lid for easy basket inspection.

*There is a one year warranty. UL778 listed. Not certified for use in a swimming pool applications.