Hybrid Striped Bass Sampling Recap
Published on Jan 17, 2017

Hybrid Striped Bass Sampling Recap

Today the P.A.E.S.W.A.T.E.R. team had an exciting live event happening in the facility! The team sampled 157 hybrid striped bass from RAS System E1. The Hybrid Striped Bass average weight today is 0.95 lbs or 429 grams. This is very exciting news as they are about half way to their harvest size of 2 lbs! This RAS System is streaming LIVE on the LIVE Events site at PAESWater.com if you are ever interested in taking a peek at all of the action.

Here is a brief recap of the event this morning:


Bass Sampling 1

At 9:00am the team began to section off a sample group of Hybrid Striped Bass.


Bass Sampling 2

The team removed a few Hybrid Striped Bass for weighing and sizing to track their growth cycle.


Bass Sampling 2A

 After measurements were taken, the team carefully returned the fish to the tank.


Bass Sampling 3

 Check out the close up shot of some of the fish being sampled!


Bass Sampling 3A

Be sure to tune in to our future LIVE Events!