How Our Products Can Help
Published on Feb 15, 2015

Carbon dioxide causes problems in recirculating aquaculture systems without aeration or degassing. Carbon dioxide must be removed, or it can build up to levels that are dangerous to the fish and to humans if the fish are raised in a closed building.

Gases in water naturally reach their equilibrium when the water is exposed to air, but Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems has solutions to help this process when gas balancing that occurs naturally is not producing optimal levels.

For indoor operations, air ventilators are sometimes used, but they can also remove a lot of heat along with the carbon dioxide. We suggest that carbon dioxide be stripped with a degassing column that is ventilated to the outdoors. Outdoor air can be drawn directly into the bottom of the degassing tower, forced up through the water and then directed back outdoors. In cold weather, there will be a significant cooling effect on the water because it is being degassed through cold, dry air. A simple air-to-air heat exchanger can help.