How Our Products Can Help
Published on Feb 15, 2015

Solids removal is a critical treatment component of influent, effluent and recirculating treatment systems for aquaculture. In influent systems, solids removal helps ensure water is of suitable quality for fish or for pre-filtration upstream of disinfection processes. In effluent systems, solids removal mitigates the impact of the aquaculture facility on the environment. In recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), removal of solid wastes on a continuous basis is necessary to maintain healthy water quality and enable biofiltration and disinfection processes to operate efficiently.

The main methods of solids removal include gravitational settling, flotation and filtration. Selection of solids removal technology will depend on the type, density and size of the particles being removed, the flow rate being treated and the specific application of the equipment. Our team of biologists and engineers can help design the solution that best fits your aquaculture operation.