Greensource Projects
Published on Mar 19, 2014

In the north-west province of South Africa, only 27% of households have access to safe drinking water and the ground and surface water quality is poor. One cross-sector project aims to increase the well-being of the local population by building more sports facilities near schools. The synthetic turf on the sports facilities allows for sustainable water buffering, filtration and distribution. Pentair worked with cross-sector partners to install 20 sustainable drinking water systems in South Africa, providing safe water storage that makes possible a continuous clean water supply. Viruses and bacteria are removed by means of membrane technology, and filtration membranes need be replaced once every five years. The filtered water can be stored in clean-water tanks and used for drinking, irrigation of crops or spraying the synthetic turf sports pitch, or for sanitary purposes. When used for 16 hours per day, the system can filter approximately 50,000 liters a day or 17 million liters annually. Rainwater, river water and groundwater can be stored in the non-clean water tanks. Dr. Rochigo