Great News for South Australia’s Aquaculture Regulations
Published on Aug 4, 2016

South Australia's Aquaculture

The State Government introduced changes to aquaculture regulations to help streamline regulatory requirements, update operations and reduce red-tape for South Australia's AUD 225 million aquaculture industry.

Key changes to these regulations include:

  • Introducing a new environmental monitoring program based on internationally-recognized, best practice techniques.
  • Simplifying and improving stock register reporting requirements to improve stock traceability and biosecurity measures.
  • Elevating the development of risk management strategies to a sector-based level to reduce the regulatory burden for individual operators.
  • Improving public reporting of aquaculture activities to increase transparency.

“As worldwide demand for seafood increases, these changes will support the South Australian aquaculture industry to expand and diversify, ensuring our state is well placed to meet the growing market demand for premium, sustainably-sourced seafood,” said PIRSA Fisheries and Aquaculture General Manager Aquaculture Policy and Environment, Dr Heidi Alleway. 


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