The Goal of Sustainability blossoms in Washington
Published on Feb 12, 2015

Redmond Washington is the home town of Microsoft’s Café 34. The dining experience at Café 34 is extremely unique and cutting edge, drawing a local crowd daily to their salad bar of microgreens and other prepared “urban farming” dishes. There is quite a green uprising growing in this area of Washington, which makes Café 34 such a success and interesting restaurant to visit.

The goal of sustainability is where the idea began to blossom. Senior Program manager Mark Freeman said “the idea is rooted in an effort to be more thoughtful about where food served on campus comes from”. Freeman attended a show in Chicago and brought the idea of hydroponic vegetables grown in towers back with him to campus.

The greens served in the Café’s “Gather” are grown from seed at another campus and transplanted into their units in the facility after 8 days. The natural process of aquaponics then takes place, where the plants sit in nutrient rich water and are ready for harvest in about two weeks. The customers praise the taste of their greens and enjoy taking pictures in front of the growing towers, creating a bit of a buzz on social media.

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