Full Circle Crab Saves $893.76 per year
Published on May 6, 2015

Full Circle Crab Company Success

Sparus Saves $893

With the demands of a new crab season around the corner, Willy Phillips, owner of Full Circle Seafood, has again turned to Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems (PAES.) This year, Willy has purchased his second Sparus™ Pump with Constant Flow Technology™. About six months ago, a PAES sales representative recommended a Sparus pump to replace an old, inefficient pump that had reached the end of its service life. Since then, Full Circle has been benefitting from the Sparus pump’s unique performance and capabilities. The pump’s ability to control flow rate without having to manipulate valves has led to improved efficiency, reduced power consumption and proven cost savings. (See Table 1)

“I have had plans to upgrade another one of my systems before moving into the crab season. The first Constant Flow Technology pump has performed so well that with Pentair’s assistance I knew the next best step for a replacement was another one.” said Phillips.

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