Full Circle Crab Seafood
Published on Nov 4, 2014

Full Circle Crab

Full Circle Crab Seafood

Tyrrell County North Carolina is home to tens of thousands of acres of protected lands and beautiful natural wetlands. Full Circle Seafood in Columbia, NC is located near the Albemarle Sound, the East Coast's largest estuary. The Scuppernong River flows nearby, and it’s in this maritime paradise that owner Willy Phillips established Full Circle Seafood. Willy has been an advocate for the well-being of the eastern NC seafood community for over 30 years. A fisherman himself, Willy has a unique perspective to offer when serving as a voice for those involved in the seafood business. In the past, Willy served in an official capacity as a member of the NC Marine Fisheries Commission; and he’s also a concerned citizen who believes in helping people stay connected to their food source, in the hope that they will pay greater attention to the health of the natural resources upon which that food depends.

Arriving at Full Circle Seafood, visitors often notice the large energy-producing windmill on the property; Willy put it there to raise awareness and to lower his power bill. As fishermen unload their catch, other folks are enjoying lunch at the food truck parked out front, serving delicious, fresh seafood. And you can’t get any fresher than when the soft-shell crabs are harvested just feet away. Locals know about Full Circle not only for their seafood, but also the kind gesture that owner Willy Phillips is happy to offer to anyone passing through – free ice. It may seem like a strange thing to give away, but to fishermen and beachgoers, it is pure gold.

Full Circle Crab seems to be doing everything right; so what can make it better? How about improving the bottom line? In an industry with high operating expenses, Full Circle reached out to Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems to find the most energy-efficient equipment on the market. The windmill on-site is generating power, so reducing the electrical consumption of their pumping equipment seemed like a logical next step. Seafood holding requires a reliable, continuous-duty water pump that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Full Circle’s system requires several pumps, and the energy bill is a significant expense.

Pentair AES assessed Full Circle’s existing pumps and calculated the operating costs to be nearly a whopping $600 per season, per pump. To decrease cost and maximize performance, Pentair’s Sales Service Manager Marc Turano recommended a new pump, the Sparus with Constant Flow Technology. “I knew we could save Willy some money; and the Sparus pump really delivered in this application.” said Turano. Constant Flow Technology allows Full Circle to define the ideal flow rate for their system without having to restrict the flow by adjusting valves. Less head pressure in the system allows the pump to automatically operate at the lowest possible speed to produce the desired flow rate. As the pump self-adjusts to move only the volume of water that is programmed by the user, a significant decrease in power consumption is achieved.  In fact, by measuring voltage/amperage on-site and doing some calculations, Pentair’s technicians were able to determine that the new pump uses just one-fourth of the power compared to the old pump. (See Table 1)

After installing a Sparus with Constant Flow Technology, Full Circle Seafood has been experiencing cost savings every day. “In today’s business climate for the seafood industry, with shrinking margins, one of the best ways to make money is to save money through conservation methods. I have tried numerous system types for shedding crab, including a variety of pumps, and the Sparus pump satisfies all my needs. I was trading my old pumps out every two years. The combination of an energy saving pump with a longer shelf life makes this type of pump a valuable asset to a crab shedding operation.” said Phillips. The savings total close to $450 for a full six month season!

As the savings add up, Willy plans to replace all of the pumps in his system in the months to come. Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems is proud to provide practical, reliable technology to help decrease operational expenses. Ask your knowledgeable Pentair sales/service rep how you can start saving money with Constant Flow Technology today.