From Sustainable Aquaponics to Fresh Local Meals
Published on Sep 21, 2015

Watercress at Urban Organics

We all have had fun times in the kitchen experimenting with our organic herbs and lettuces, and our delicate fresh tilapia. There have been many recipes used in the past few years highlighting our sustainably produced ingredients, and our tilapia has been a featured dish at local restaurants in St. Paul.

Here is one of our favorite recipes that combines two Urban Organics products:

It is great when you can find most of these ingredients locally, however due to the growing season in Minnesota we cannot source limes or mangos from producers in the state! We try to be creative using all we grow in the farm to construct delicious satisfying meals!

 Send us an email at or post on our Urban Organics Facebook Page some of your favorite recipes that showcase some of what we grow! We know there has to be a lot of good pesto ones out there!