Fixed Bed Up-flow Filter
Published on Sep 26, 2016

Introducing the NEW Fixed Bed Up-Flow Filter


Solids removal is one of the most important processes in a recirculating aquaculture system. Sedimentation vessels are generally effective for removing particulates larger than 80 microns, but finer solids can pass through the unit and remain in the system deteriorating water quality. Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems' fixed bed up-flow filter is specifically designed to remove fine particulate matter remaining in the waste stream. These filters employ Sweetwater® SWX Bio-Media (included) for the filtration substrate in a non-pressurized up-flow configuration. The media physically traps suspended solids and is cleaned easily through a backwash process that introduces heavy aeration to aggressively agitate trapped particulates. After the solids have settled in the cone bottom, open the waste discharge valve and flush the effluent out from the vessel. Filter bypass allows complete isolation of the unit during the backwash operation.

Available in three sizes designed to handle a range of flow rates. Units were designed as a secondary filtration component and should be placed downstream from primary filter apparatuses. A great application for these units would be in aquaponic systems.

• Sturdy double-wall base support.
• Domed lid keeps it clean.
• Coned bottom allows complete drainage.
• Comes with lid, tank, stand (except RJB-3), bypass valves, Sweetwater SWX Bio-Media and plumbing to discharge effluent.

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