Eco-Trap Waste Solids Removal System
Published on Dec 9, 2015

New Product Announcement:  Eco-Trap Waste Solids Removal System

Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems’ Eco-Trap is an exclusive highly-optimized dual drain waste collection system that allows for the effective and efficient removal of settleable waste solids (uneaten feed and feces) in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS). The Eco-Trap system’s center main drain handles the primary water exchange for a RAS tank; while a smaller integrated solids drain provides an in-tank means for fast and efficient waste removal. Up to 50% of the waste solids can be removed from the tank within minutes of their generation. The Eco-trap system makes RAS tanks self-cleaning by pulling solids to the middle of the tank where they are automatically removed.

Once collected, the Eco-Trap system moves these waste materials through a side-stream solids drain to a polyethylene waste collector that is mounted on the side of each tank. Solids are collected and concentrated in a side-stream flow consisting of approximately 5% of the total flow from the tank. Easy observation of the waste collector by the farm operator allows for reductions in feed waste to individual tanks, thus controlling one of the single largest economic inputs to RAS aquaculture.

From an investment point of view, using Eco-Trap technology reduces the size and complexity of other associated waste solids removal technologies such as drum-screen filters and bead filters. Additionally, Eco-Trap technology can reduce the size of the biofilter required to control ammonia nitrogen in culture water. The Eco-Trap system contains no moving parts and nothing to wear out; and it has been proven in many commercial RAS installations worldwide.


• Provides a self-cleaning action by automatically removing solids by pulling them to the middle of the tank
• Observation window in the waste collector makes it easy to identify feed waste
• Nothing to wear out as there are no moving parts
• Reduces the size and complexity of other associated waste solids removal technologies
• Adaptors are available for applications that utilize metric plumbing

The ECO-TRAP System consists of:

Center Drain Assembly: The Eco-Trap Center Drain Assembly is constructed of grey PVC with main drain connections for Sch.80 PVC pipe. The Eco-Trap 110 model has 4” NPT main drain port and an 1.25” NPT solids collection port. The Eco-Trap 160 model has a 6” NPT main drain port and a 1.5” NPT solids collection port. Each Eco-Trap Drain Assembly has an integrated solids collection port which allows for side-stream flow of collected solids. In a RAS system, the Eco-Trap Drain Assembly is installed in the center of a circular tank floor. Once installed, the vertical standpipe segment of the of the Drain Assembly can be easily adjusted as needed to increase/decrease the height of the gap between the base plate and the upper plate. This simple adjustment allows the operator to optimize the functionality of the Eco-Trap Drain Assembly to create a cyclonic effect of water movement across the tank bottom. In a RAS tank that is equipped with an Eco-Trap, solids fall to the bottom of the tank and are drawn into the drain assembly for immediate collection and deposition into the tank-side Eco-Trap Waste Collector.

Waste Collector Assembly: 

The Eco-Trap 110 and 160 Waste Collectors are tank mounted and include a metal C-Channel and I-Beam mounting bracket. In a RAS tank that is equipped with an Eco-Trap system, the side-stream flow of collected solids move from the Eco-Trap Drain Assembly and into the Waste Collector’s inlet port. The Waste Collector is constructed of strong polyethylene with clear impact-resistant viewing window.

Optional Metric Adaptors: 

Eco-Trap systems come with 4” or 6” NPT connections for Sch.80 PVC pipe, optional 110mm and 160mm Schedule 80 PVC adapters are available for connecting the Drain Assembly in applications that utilize metric plumbing.

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