Eagle Scout's Project, Powered in part by Pentair
Published on Jun 29, 2017


In late 2016, Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems was approached by Matthew Kearney, who was planning his Eagle Scout project. We were happy to provide aeration equipment to Matthew and proud that the project was a complete success! Read Matthew’s full write-up about the project below.

For my eagle project, I took a trip to Community First Village, a self-sustainable housing community for the homeless in Austin, Texas that provides them with affordable housing and assists them in getting back on their feet. There I was helped by my Boy Scout troop and my robotics team in constructing a compost tea brewing system. The compost tea brewing system will be used at Community First to produce compost tea, which serves to fertilize plants in their gardens. The process of building this system consisted of cutting PVC pipe and 2x4’s, following assembly instructions to assemble the aeration system made out of PVC, and drilling holes for the system to fit into the repository and properly dispense air.

Then the 50 Watt Pond Aeration System, generously donated by Pentair, was attached to the PVC piping in order to aerate the compost tea while it is brewing. The final product will be used to increase crop yield at Community First! By over 70%, providing more nutritious food to low income individuals and families in this community.


Eagle Scout Pic

Eagle Scout Pic 2