Eagle Scout Project: Phase 2
Published on Sep 15, 2015

Eagle Scout Project

Eagle Scout Project: The Progess up to the Project

By Kenneth DeMason

Prior to the day of the Eagle Project, we had to prepare the greenhouse, which lasted for 4 days. The first day's work was primarily completed by Coral Reef High School student volunteers, who helped clear and move the screen tables out of the way that were being used to grow plants. On the second day, we cleared gravel from the west side of the greenhouse in order to level the ground which the tanks would rest on. There was actually a lot more gravel than we expected! While moving the gravel away, we thought it would be best to keep it close by so that we could later use it to both try and hide the piping or so that the school could use it for something else. We also worked on moving the tanks from their previous locations in the school, which took quite a while as two of the tanks had been set up. This meant that we could use the existing air-driven filtration system and modify it, rather than buying and making a whole new one. In order to achieve this, we had to study the arrangement of all the components and try to keep them together as much as possible. We ran into a few snags along the way; one of which was that some water was still in the system, so when we were taking it apart, dirty water came pouring out. Luckily, the storage room where the tanks were housed had a drain and several buckets that we could use to get rid of the water.

The third day was rather uneventful in terms of work at the greenhouse, as we spent most of the afternoon buying and collecting supplies that we would need, including pressure treated wood of various sizes and other items. On the fourth day, we brought all of the necessary supplies to the greenhouse and stored them in the storeroom. We also finished dismantling the system in the storage room and moved every component into the greenhouse. However, the last tank was located in another classroom, and to get it out of that room we would have to take off the door and roll it out. That was quite a hassle, as the props we placed under the door to make sure it would line back up correctly ended up getting stuck. We also thought that the tank wouldn’t fit through the door leading outside, but we ended up finding a side door to use that allowed it through. We had finally moved all of the tanks and filtration equipment into the greenhouse, and were ready for the project the next day.