Eagle Scout Project: Kenneth DeMason
Published on Jul 30, 2015

The Journey to become an Eagle Scout: Kenneth DeMason

My name is Kenneth DeMason, and I am a 17 year old Life Scout living in South Florida. In order to obtain the highest rank in scouting, the Eagle Scout rank, I will need to design, prepare, and give leadership to a project. Since my dad works with tropical fish, I thought the best idea would be to do an aquaculture project, and would also add a hydroponics component to the project. I contacted the Agriscience teacher at my local high school to see if they wanted the project done. My brother had done a different aquaculture setup for a different school and since she had seen his, she was happy to have one too.

My school already had three big fish tanks, two of which were operational but they were set up inside different rooms and limited in design. Water didn't constantly run through, so it would get dirty fairly fast, and remain that way until someone cleaned it. The new system we would design would have a constant recirculating water flow to avoid this. The plan was to move the three tanks into an outdoor greenhouse, add another tank to act as a reservoir (due to the fact that treated city water would have to be used), and connect all in a line. We would try to use the existing air-driven filtration systems, but we would add our own to each tank. Then, we would build a series of wooden uprights to support a rack of channels above the tanks. This would hold the hydroponics components, consisting of a trough and several channels. All would be connected to the system.

Since we were working on an aquaponics project, we decided to contact Pentair to first see their display systems and gather ideas from it. We also needed to see if any discounts or donations were available, since most of the items we would need could be purchased from them. We are very grateful that Pentair made an enormous contribution to the project. Thank you so much!


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