Could zebrafish be the new mice?
Published on Aug 6, 2014


Could Zebrafish be the new mice?

Research has been conducted using mice and rodents for many decades, likely due to their vast genetic manipulation and abundance. However, Dan Rothen of the Division of Veterinary Resources gives many reasons why the Zebrafish has been successfully used more often in the medical research fields recently. “While the mouse continues to hold the title of most prevalent research animal, this new understanding of Zebrafish genetics might change the balance in the near future," says Rothen. "Zebrafish have numerous advantages over traditional and transgenic laboratory mice. These advantages involve husbandry management, research opportunities, and continued striving to fulfill the 3 Rs: Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement.” The basic biology and genetic development of the Zebrafish are key advantages for further medical research, as well as their cost efficiency to preserve and reproduce.

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