Connecticut Sea Bass RAS System coming soon, brought to life by Pentair
Published on Sep 12, 2016

Connecticut Sea Bass RAS System coming soon, brought to life by Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems

Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems is now lending their expertise and innovative design and technology to an ambitious investment banker and well-known water industry executive in Connecticut. Eric Pedersen, President of Great American Aquaculture, has built a powerhouse partnership with PAES for his saltwater indoor RAS system in Waterbury.

Pedersen states that the facility has 54,000 sq ft of industrial space to begin the refit and installation before the fall. In addition to providing design, PAES will be assisting the GAA team with technical and operational support as well as RAS equipment. "Pentair has really helped bring this project to completion; our objective is to work together to develop scalable and replicable RAS systems and go-to-market strategies that give fish producers a better shot at economically viability." says Pedersen.

Pentair brings years of deep scientific, engineering and operational experience in both freshwater and saltwater operations; pairing that with Pedersen's years of extensive research on indoor RAS and the aquaculture market, there is a powerful corporate/entreprenuer partnership. Knowing the market and growing popularity of European Sea Bass, both parties are prepared to sell directly to restaurants and high-end grocery stores. Pedersen explains, "It is a specialty product ... they put a premium on fresh local products and environmental sustainability". With equipment, design, technology, and strategy all in place, the Connecticut European Sea Bass facility is aiming for cohorts of 12 months and producing 143 metric tons a year of 550-650 gram fish. 

Aquaculture North America published the full article online.

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