Chiller Installation and Sizing TT59
Published on May 12, 2014

Chiller Installation and Sizing - Tech Talk 59

1. Insulate water lines to and from chillers.

2. Insulate as much of the water tank as possible.

3. Keep the chiller well ventilated. The higher the temperature around the chiller, the longer it has to work.

4. Submersible water pumps add heat to the water. If a submersible pump must be used, choose the next size larger chiller.

5. Water must be run through the chiller at all times while unit is on.

6. For tanks less than 3,000 gallons, allow 24 hours for initial chilling. For tanks larger than 3,000 gallons, allow 48 hours or more.

7. Reduce bio-fouling by filtering water prior to chiller. Check the filter often. If it clogs and reduces water flow below the minimum required, freeze damage can occur.

8. Consult the AES technical department for flow-through and other applications.

9. Ambient air temperature for sizing should be measured directly above the tank to be chilled.

10. An oversized chiller will not cost more to operate, as it only turns on when needed and runs for a shorter time.