Pentair AES supports Bell Aquaculture
Published on Jul 8, 2014


Bell Aquaculture

On July 1, 2014 Bell Aquaculture proudly launched a venture they have been working on for almost a decade. An honored invitee, Vice President of Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems Bob Miller, was in attendance sharing this aquaculture milestone with an estimated 300 guests, including fish farmers and government officials. The Bell Farms™ Aqua Feed mill is a representation of the final major step in completing the integrated aquaculture farm in Albany, Indiana.

Norman McCowan, President and CEO of Bell Aquaculture LLC expressed his gratitude saying “A long time dream has been realized here today. I am very proud of our team, our partners and our community for working together to make this dream a reality and take this critical step toward providing a solution to our coming food deficit.”

The dream of Bell Farms™ Aqua Feed mill had the support of many companies like Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems as well as organizations and individual fish farmers all working toward the same goal, including immeasurable amounts of research and implementation. Bell Aquaculture relies on our DSF series Drum Filter for their filtration needs. The Drum Screen Filter has proven to be highly efficient and reliable in removing solids from volumes of water large or small, playing an important role in the filtration process at Bell Aquaculture.

Bell Farms™ Aqua Feed mill will be the first of its kind to produce locally and serve the aquaculture business on a larger scale. It is estimated that Bell Farms™ will produce 2 million pounds of feed per month with over half of their ingredients found locally. This venture is managed by Dr. Steven Craig, who has knowledge and experience with fish nutrition of more than 25 years. With Dr. Craig’s expertise, the feeds from the mill will be customized to the specific species; addressing nutritional, biological and physiological needs of the fish life cycle.

We are pleased to be a part of this innovative project in the aquaculture industry. To learn more, visit