Aquaponics Industry Leaders Making Waves in 2018
Published on Jan 31, 2018

As knowledge of aquaponics and urban farming continues to expand across the globe, organizations within the industry are experiencing new opportunities and development in response to the increasing awareness and need. We discussed the vital importance of the urban agriculture community in our January 16 blog: Aquaponics: The Adaptation To Climate Change

In 2018, industry leaders and researchers predict a significant increase in aquaponics within land-locked cities, bringing urban agriculture and fresh produce to new areas. While The Netherlands may be anything but landlocked, it will certainly be known as one of the pioneering countries of the horticulture movement. On March 7, 2018 The World Horti Center will celebrate its grand opening and host the World Horti Festival where guests "can literally see, smell and taste the World Horti Center," according to a recent event announcement.

"We want to introduce everyone to the World Horti Center," the organization explains. "To the entrepreneurship, research and education that comes together daily in this leading innovation center... In the modern research facilities at the World Horti Center, research takes place in the areas of climate, water supply, lighting, crop protection, cultivation systems, fertilizers and more. These studies are performed to test effects at the crop level."

Organizations like Pentair AES and Urban Organics are contributing to the conversation in substantial ways this year, as well. With two, fully operational aquaponics facilities located in St. Paul, Minnesota in the Midwest United States, the Urban Organics team, with Pentair AES, annually produces more than 400,000 lbs. of organic produce and has made its way into a few recent headlines. 

In an article published by Fish Farming News, the facilities are heralded as state-of-the-art and a welcome surprise for the community. According to the article:

"Who would have thought 30 years ago that the former Schmidt Brewery would one day be partially transformed into an urban aquaponics facility..."

With organizations worldwide furthering the education and progression of urban agriculture, horticulture and aquaponics, the future of the industry can only be bright. For more information on Pentair AES involvement with Urban Organics, check out our urban farming page.