Aquaponics Farm uses Sparus™ with Constant Flow Technology™
Published on Jun 25, 2015

An Aquaponics Farm in California successfully uses Pentair's Sparus™ Pump with Constant Flow Technology™

Near Half Moon Bay, California, an Aquaponics Farm has gained attention for successfully using the sustainable technique to provide for their community. This Aquaponics Farm just so happens to be using Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems products, specifically the Sparus™ Pump with Constant Flow Technology™. The Sparus is the world’s first aquaculture duty pump to deliver a CONSTANT user-defined flow rate. The Pump motor speed self-adjusts to maintain the constant flow rate setting, even as system conditions change, which is appealing to the customer. It not only gives total control to the user, it also has proven time and time again it contributes to large cost savings and energy savings. 

The Aquaponics Farm provides a huge line of produce items to their community and local restaurants. Their popularity began to grow once chef's in the area started to refer them to one another for their water reuse, sustainability and community foot print ethic. We are excited to see another small business grow to a commercial business and help their community.

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