Unique Aquaculture Innovation Found In European Brewing Industry
Published on Feb 28, 2018

Innovation and aquaculture appear to be synonymous in application in 2018 as the progressive industry proves itself a viable, sustainable alternative to traditional fishing of wild-caught fish globally.

The innovative qualities of the industry appear to have no end, reaching into unique industries such as education, aquaponics and bitcoin mining, and quite recently, beer brewing. An article published this month by Fish Information & Services, highlights a new project that is getting quite the buzz in Europe. According to the article,

"The initiative, which will conclude at the end of 2020, will be developed in collaboration with the companies Riera Nadeu and LKS, and the Association of European Brewers (The Brewers of Europe). It has a budget of EUR 1.5 million and is financed by the Life program of the European Union.

Through this research, the partners of the Life Brewery project seek to demonstrate that it is possible, in an innovative, sustainable and integrated way, to value the brewing by-products through their value as an ingredient for aquaculture feed.

In line with the strategy of promoting the circular economy, the aim is to increase the environmental efficiency and competitiveness of the brewing and aquaculture sectors, through a more efficient management and use of available resources and less dependence on the purchase of raw materials for the elaboration of the feed."

The by-products produced by the brewing of beer are incredibly nutrient-rich, and while entirely approachable for repurpose rather than simply being disposed of, have not yet been assigned a use. The project, named The Life Brewery Project, will attempt to use 95 percent of the by-product produced by breweries northwest of Spain to create two new ingredients for fish feed. 

According to the project's report, A 25 percent reduction in the environmental impact associated with aqua-feed production of three commercial fish species within two years of the project’s end is expected, among other achievements. This will be achieved by replacing at least 15 percent of the fish meal currently used with a new raw material from brewery by-products.

As the world of aquaculture continues to grow and progress to offer increasingly sustainable and innovative paths to a better future across the world, it's exciting to see what comes next. We look forward to following the progress if the Life Brewery Project in the years to come.