Another reason why we should eat farmed fish
Published on Jun 27, 2014

farmed fish


As they say, it is a new era and being a health conscious individual is all the rage. Where doggy yoga and frequent visits to Fresh Market and Trader Joes are the new “social scenes.” As a society, we are now choosing seafood over meat and the high demand is barely being met. Our struggle for wild fish is not only being jeopardized by the amount available but what we are capturing is also unhealthy. An article released a few days ago on CNN has laid out the facts for us regarding contaminates in our ocean waters and how plastic is destroying our sea life. As reported by Casey Tolan for CNN, “Plastic waste in oceans is causing $13 billion of damage to marine ecosystems each year." The solution is easy; fish farming via aquaculture with Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems.

To learn more about the ocean waters & wild fish epidemic read it here.