Air Pump and Compressor Comparison TT64
Published on May 8, 2014

Air Pump and Compressor Comparison - Tech Talk 64

For the safety of our aquaculture customers we only offer oilless type air pumps and compressors. To select the one that is right for you first determine the volume of air you require in cubic feet per minute (cfm) and the pressure in pounds per square inch (psi) to get it there (Hint: It takes 1 psi to push an air bubble 28" below the surface of the water).

 cfm x 1.699 = m3h  Inches H2O x 2.49 = mbar
m3h x .588 = cfm mbar x .40 = "H2O
 Inches H2O x .036 = psi psi x 27.68 = "H2O
 Inches H2O x .074 = 1" Hg  Inches Hg x 13.59 = "H2O
 Inches H2O x 1.868 = mmHg cfm x 28.32 = lpm

These quick guides will help you decide what type of air pump for which to look. Consider the cost, physical size, noise level, etc., then pick the type most efficient for your situation.

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