Lake and Pond Water Quality Form

The Pentair AES Lakes Department is here to make lake and pond management easier. Fill out the form below and one of our biologists will contact you with the best possible water quality solutions.

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Acres Hectares ft. m ft.²
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Is there a safety ledge? Yes No
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Is electrical power available at the shore? Yes No
If not, how far away is the power supply? Feet Meters
Available power is: Volts Phase Hertz
Does water temperature exceed 86ºF (30ºC) at any time in the year? Yes No
If yes, how many days?
What is the makeup of the pond bottom material? (check all that apply)
 Artificial Liner  Sand  Rock
 Vegetation  Mud  Other
Are any aerators currently installed and running? Yes No How Many
What brand or type are they?
How long have you had them?
Water Quality:
Please check the items below that best identify your pond/lake water quality problems
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 Floating Algae  Suspended Algae  Excessive Fixed Plant Growth
 Odors  Periodic Fishkills  Pond Completely Freezes
 Excessive Turbidity  Other 
Do you currently treat the water with chemicals? Yes No
If so, what kind of chemicals are being used?
How frequently?
General Information
How is the lake/pond used?
 Irrigation  Fish Farming  Drainage
 Aesthetics  Recreational  Other 
If farming fish, how many pounds of fish and what species?
Is your primary need to: improve water quality improve aesthetics
Is a cabinet required to house the compressor(s)? Yes No
If aerators are used, will they be operated all year or just during certain months?
All year Only the following months per year:
If aerators are used, which of the following features are desirable?
OK to Be Visible on the Surface      Do Not Want Anything Visible on the Surface
want decorations (water feature)
How soon will you be solving this problem (when do you need aeration)?
Sketch Upload:
Please prepare a sketch. Draw it as if you were looking down from above. Include approximate dimensions and indicate approximate depths at various points. Also indicate the location of the power source, any existing aerators, and the inlet and outlet flow (if any) through the pond/lake. Depending upon your computer knowledge and/or equipment, you may attach your drawing to this form, fax it to us or send it standard mail (US Postal Service) To the right is an example of a drawing to be submitted. Example of a sample sketch of your pond from above
Please select your sketch for upload: