If you're raising coldwater species of fish, you'll need water chiller equipment to help maintain the temperature of your water. We carry both large and small water chillers, including drop-in tank chiller devices, in-line chillers, and saltwater-friendly marine chillers. In addition, we have a range of chiller barrel packages, cooling fans, heat exchangers, and heat pumps. You'll find all of the water chiller equipment you need at Pentair AES.

In-line chillers are available both as air cooled and water cooled, depending on how the unit disperses heat. Which type is better for your tank will vary based on factors such as space, location, and ambient air temperature. No plumbing is needed with coil tank chillers, which simply drop a cooling coil into the water to chill it, but water circulation is required. Chiller barrels use refrigerant to cool water, and do need an external condensing unit. If you have a smaller bait or research tank, an ice probe may be your best option. These small, low-power water chillers can chill 10 gallons of water to 20°F below the surrounding temperature.

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  1. Coolworks Ice Probe®

    Coolworks Ice Probe®


    • Efficient—directly converts electricity into cooling.
    • Reliable—fan is only moving part.
    • Easy to install—one hole, one nut.
    • Safe—low voltage operation.
    • Environmentally friendly—no chemicals or gases.

    The Coolworks Ice Probe® uses advanced thermoelectric technology to directly convert electricity into cooling power. Its unique and patented design is based upon Peltier's principle, making the Ice Probe® a highly efficient miniature heat pump! The durable aluminum probe is coated with an FDA-approved finish, making these units ideal small coolers for miniature aquariums, bait tanks, bioassay research, hydroponics and even potable water systems.

    The units are capable of cooling 10 gallons of water 20ºF below ambient temperature in an insulated tank (just a few degrees in a non-insulated tank with heavy lighting). Probes can be mounted through the side of a tank, using the molded bulkhead kit included (1 1/4" hole required) or can be immersed (probe end only).

    Temperature controller is not included; we recommend TC11.

    Weighing only 2 lbs, each Ice Probe® includes a separate 12VDC power supply and draws only 50 watts. Ship weight 5 lbs. One-year warranty.


    Ice Probe® is a registered trademark of Ulf Moren.

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  2. Air-Cooled Trimline Water Chiller

    Air-Cooled Trimline Water Chiller


    These aquarium chillers have the same reliable design and features as the Delta Star® and Cyclone® chillers by Aqua Logic®, but in a more compact package. The sleek shape of the chiller has a brushed stainless steel enclosure and ABS panel inserts. Additional panel inserts in various wood colors to match your decor are available and easy to change (color samples are shipped with each unit).

    Both models use the helical coil heat exchanger design and include digital temperature controllers mounted with a 4' cable, remote from the chiller unit. They display temperature, setpoint, minimum and maximum in ºF or ºC. A titanium sensor probe with a 6' cable is included with the controller.

    Drop-in coil units come with 5' flexible stainless steel lines attached to a 2 1/2" diameter remote chilling coil. All units but 1/2 hp ship Ground. Two-year warranty. Made in USA.

    Basic: Chillers operate within a temperature range of 65–80ºF.
    Option A: Allows an operating range between 50–65ºF.

    Aqua Logic® Titanium Trimline Chillers ship directly from the manufacturer.

    Chiller Specifications


    Aqua Logic® is a registered trademark of Aqua Logic, Inc.    

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  3. In-Line Air-Cooled Chillers

    In-Line Air-Cooled Chillers

    Starting at: $918.99

    Aqua Logic® Delta Star® in-line, air cooled, water chillers are built with helical titanium evaporator coils for maximum cooling efficiency. Learn More
  4. Chiller Barrel Packages

    Chiller Barrel Packages

    Starting at: $1,465.00

    Aqua LogicĀ® DX (Direct Expansion) Heat Exchanger Packages are complete refrigerant-to-water systems that are safe for both fresh and salt water systems. The heat exchanger can be connected to a central refrigerant loop or to a dedicated remote condensing unit. Learn More
  5. Air-Cooled Coil Water Chillers

    Air-Cooled Coil Water Chillers

    Starting at: $998.99

    Aqua Logic® Cyclone® Coil Water Chillers are perfect for hydroponics, fisheries research, education systems, emergencies, and use in high organics. Learn More
  6. Air-Cooled Trimline Water Chillers

    Air-Cooled Trimline Water Chillers

    Starting at: $1,199.00

    These Aqua Logic® TRIMLINE air cooled, titanium water chillers have the same reliable design and features as the Aqua Logic® Delta Star® and Cyclone® Chillers but in a more compact package. Learn More
  7. Aquarium Chillers

    Aquarium Chillers

    Starting at: $565.99

    Easy to install high-performance units with titanium exchanger Get stable, consistent temperatures from these Teco SEACHILL® Tank aquarium chillers. Learn More
  8. Aquarium Chillers Accessories

    Aquarium Chillers Accessories

    From: $9.49

    To: $157.49

    Accessories for the Aquarium Chillers Learn More

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