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G Series Ozone Generators PART #: 970004 to 970017

G Series Ozone Generators G Series Ozone Generators
G Series Ozone Generators

The reliable, versatile, and cost-effective Pacific Ozone™ G Series ozone generators are designed to satisfy a wide range of applications. The ultra-compact, fiberglass reinforced case is perfect for harsh and demanding environments such as aquaculture and agriculture installations, cooling tower and wastewater treatment skids, and other commercial and industrial ozone applications.

The G Series incorporates Pacific Ozone’s exclusive Floating Plate Technology™ – an air-cooled titanium and ceramic reactor cell with high frequency, variable control power supply. This compact line of ozone generators offers a broad range of ozone output performance from 12 to 60 grams per hour. The power consumption of the highly efficient G Series is among the lowest in the industry. Yet, the high-concentration ozone output and broad range of features of this series provides greater flexibility of use. The G Series ozone generators can be controlled manually or remotely using a 0-10VDC or 4-20mA signal.


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