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Your investment is in the water. We protect it!

Aquaculture is about fish farming, the cultivation of both marine and freshwater species (in our case land-based production), and Aquatic Life Support for institutions such as public Zoos & Aquariums.

All aquaculture applications rely on good water quality to achieve their goals and to maintain livestock health. That’s where we come in.

Through equipment, information, and support, Emperor Aquatics, Inc. can protect your investment. Our disinfection UV Systems and water filter equipment are designed for dependability, cost-efficiency, to be operator-friendly, and to effectively eliminate the water quality hazards that threaten aquatic animal health.



SMART High-Output UV Sterilizers

SMART High-Output UV Sterilizers deliver optimum protection against harmful aquarium pathogens. They feature our high-output T6 style UV lamps, offering approximately twice the UV lamp output when compared to standard low-pressure UV lamps of the same arc length. With the increased UV output, SMART HO UV Sterilizers offer increased performance in a unit that requires less space. Each SMART HO UV Sterilizer model is designed to operate safely in wet environments and they are UL listed. SMART HO UV Sterilizers are designed for light commercial applications, filling the gap between our standard and commercial models.

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SMART High-Output UV Sterilizers

SMART High-Output Multi-Lamp UV Sterilizers

Research facility staff and other aquatic husbandry personnel will find our Smart HO Multi-Lamp UV Systems are easy to install, operate and maintain. Single-end access allows for time saving serviceability of the lamp and quartz sleeve. The Highest-Quality American-Made Low-Pressure High-Output UV Lamps offer 80% efficiency after 12,000 hours of continuous operation. 

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SMART HO Multi-Lamp UV Sterilizers

SafeGUARD UV Systems™ CLP Series

CLP Series SafeGUARD UV Systems offer efficient operation, ensuring proper hydraulic mixing inside the UV vessel. This optimizes UV light intensity distribution throughout the lamp field for reliable fluence (UV dose) delivery. CLP models feature Schedule-80 Modified Polymer construction**, ideally suited for corrosive and saltwater conditions. 

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CLP Series

SafeGUARD UV Systems™ CUP Series

The Emperor SafeGUARD CUP UV systems replace the successful “COM” UV series introduced in 1992. The CUP Series UVs carry on the 23-year tradition of quality, but with innovative improvements which include single-end quartz sleeves. Schedule-80 Modified Polymer construction ideally suited for corrosive saltwater conditions and a compact “U” vessel port orientation that reduces footprint. 

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CUP Series

Safeguard UV Systems™ CVP Series

Commercial Vertical Polymer When operating space is restricted, our CVP (Vertical) Series SafeGUARD UV Systems provide the small footprint you need. CVP models feature single-end, top-loading quartz ware to minimize space required and maximize serviceability! Each model is extremely durable and features a corrosion-resistant remote power supply enclosure and UV vessel.

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 CVP Series

SafeGUARD UV Systems™ CLS Series

For applications requiring Stainless Steel, Pentair’s CLS Series SafeGUARD UV Systems 316L Stainless Steel Vessels*, with an electropolish finish, provide reliable operation. Vessels are equipped with sensor ports. SafeGUARD UV Systems CLS models are available with LPHO or High-Intensity Amalgam UV Lamps. CLS UV systems provide the benefit of a compact, space-saving design allowing for in-line horizontal or vertical mounting.

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CLS Series

SafeGUARD UV Systems™ CUS Series

Emperor SafeGUARD UV Systems CUS Series provides reliable protection against harmful waterborne pathogens. The “U” style UV vessel allows for space-saving horizontal mounting. CUS Series use either LPHO or Amalgam UV lamps and are available in various models suitable for a wide variety of application sizes.

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CUS Series

Safeguard UV Systems Hoss Series

HOSS Series SafeGUARD UV Systems combine the latest, most efficient Low-Pressure (LP) UV lamp technology with robust stainless steel UV vessel construction to create a versatile, high-quality UV system suited for freshwater Aquaculture and light-Industrial applications. 

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 HOSS Series


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