Cold-Water Aquaculture

Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems offers solutions and expertise to improve water quality in any environment — from recirculating aquaculture systems to open-ocean pens. Our team of scientists, engineers and specialists can help you improve results in any part of the cold-water growing cycle.


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1. Filtration

1. Filtration

Treat Freshwater and Saltwater for Reuse

Pentair’s filtration systems provide cost-effective, sustainable production of clean water. Our technologies help make safe water more accessible, and also treat and purify water for reuse. We design systems for freshwater and saltwater applications, and our equipment can stand up to corrosive seawater. That reduces maintenance costs and keeps output flowing.


2. Water Movement

2. Water Movement

Pentair Is Global Manufacturer of Aquaculture Equipment

Pentair designs and manufactures membranes, valves, fittings, couplings, pumps and tanks. Our products are commonly used in systems for onshore and open-ocean pens as well as for the movement, treatment and recycling of waste water.


3. Storage

3. Storage

Circular Fiberglass Tanks Meet Wide Range of Aquaculture Needs

Our fiberglass tanks come in sizes from tiny research tanks up to 40-foot diameter culture tanks that can be used in all types of aquaculture applications. They are made from a proprietary laminate and designed to make controlled circulation of water easy using our designed spray bars. Proper water circulation prevents low-oxygen regions from developing so high fish densities can be safely maintained throughout the tank. Controlled flow encourages settled solids to drift naturally towards the centrally located bottom drain and out of the tank for improved water quality.


4. Water Quality

4. Water Quality

Reliably Manage Water Quality with Accurate Monitors and Controls

Pentair offers highly reliable, cost-effective sensors and monitors designed for the most-demanding conditions in cold-water pens onshore and for open-ocean farms as well as laboratory test environments. Our solutions to manage water that sustains life include:

  • Corrosion- and odor-control systems
  • Fish feeders
  • Monitors and controllers
  • Oxygen diffusers
  • Portable instruments
  • Probes
  • Sensors and electrolytes
  • Transport systems
  • Water treatment systems


5. Feeding

5. Feeding

Successfully Manage First Feeding with Combination Hatchery System

Our PR Aqua Division offers a combi-tank that is a complete “hatchery system” designed for hatching eggs, first feeding fry and rearing larger fry. The system is comprised of an egg tray, first feeder tanks and a main tank. When the eggs hatch, the sac-fry move by gravity through the slotted screen of the egg tray into the first feeder tank below. First feeding usually begins when the yolk sac is consumed by two-thirds of the fry. When the fry are eating evenly, they are moved into the main tank.


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Case Studies

The Ruth Burnett Sport Fish Hatchery in Fairbanks and the William J. Hernandez Sport Fish Hatchery are cold-water aquaculture facilities and an integral part of a strategy by the state of Alaska Sport Fish Division to ensure the continued and increased production of six species of sport fish:

  • rainbow trout
  • lake trout
  • Arctic char
  • Arctic grayling
  • silver salmon
  • king salmon

Complex recirculating systems completed for these facilities included planning and design, equipment selection, tender support, construction review, commissioning and operational assistance. These turnkey solutions enable Department of Fish and Game staff to meet Alaska’s goals for fish production.


The Salmones Captrén Atlantic salmon operation in Puerto Montt, Chile, provides an excellent example of how SafeGUARD UV systems vertical open-channel is designed and manufactured to meet the specific parameters of each application. In providing UV disinfection for influent and effluent treatment in this high-flow installation, the SafeGUARD UV system demonstrates its versatility on a daily basis.

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Marine Harvest Canada, a leading salmon aquaculture company, produces farm-raised salmon in the ocean waters off British Columbia’s coast. To combat issues such as harmful algal bloom and low-dissolved oxygen events, Marine Harvest Canada counts on the Sea Pen Aeration System from Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems to deliver a robust water-quality-management platform.

Kurt Lang, Design and Installation Leader

Kurt Lang is our technical services supervisor and has extensive experience in the design, construction and commissioning of large-scale aquaculture systems.

He holds a degree in mechanical engineering from Höhere Technische Lehranstalt, Vienna, Austria, and he managed the commissioning of two of the largest sport fish hatcheries in North America. Kurt is our specialist for equipment start-up and system performance testing.

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