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Calitri Fish Counters PART #: FC2-CT to FC12-CT

Calitri Fish Counters Calitri Fish Counters Calitri Fish Counters Calitri Fish Counters Calitri Fish Counters
Calitri Fish Counters

Calitri Technology portable fish counters are light weight, compact, easy-to-use and maintain.  The fish counter outlet can be placed directly in a pond, on a reception tank, and the fish counter can be used in conjunction with a fish pump and grader.  Applications include pond-to-pond, tank-to-tank, and small fish farms.  90-220VAC/15VDC, 50/60 Hz.  IP67 rated cable connectors for wet locations and harsh conditions.  Display shows the counting value and sensor diagnostics.  Maximum water flow is 12m³/hr.  One-year warranty.

Maintenance is quick through Plug-n-Play technology in which the key replaceable components simply plug into the main module.  All electronic parts are IP67 rated, and can be removed, cleaned, and easily replaced by the operator on site.  IP67 rated connectors are molded on the cable to connect all electronic modules. 


  • •Compact, lightweight (40 lbs) for easy one-person maneuverability
  • •Typical, but not limited to trout, salmon, bass and bream
  • •Provides 97% counting accuracy
  • •Plug-n-Play technology allows quick and easy on-site maintenance
  • •Counting size from 1gr to 4.5kg
  • •For freshwater and saltwater use

CLICK HERE for Calitri Fish Counter Replacement Parts 

Availability: In stock

ModelCounting SizeCounting Capacity (Per Hour)No. of Counting ChannelsInlet Diameter (mm/in)Outlet Channel (mm / in)Dimensions (L x W x H)Ship Wt (lbs) Price Qty
FC2-CT 300g - 4.5kg5 tons2200 / 7⅞210 / 8¼49" x 18" x 15"55.0
FC4-CT 50-900g4 tons4160 / 6¼100 / 449" x 18" x 13"55.0
FC8-CT 8-120g4 tons8160 / 6¼50 / 249" x 18" x 13"55.0
FC12-CT 1-20g125k fry12160 / 6¼30 / 1¼49" x 18" x 13"55.0
Model FC2-CT FC4-CT FC8-CT FC12-CT
Counting Size300g - 4.5kg50-900g8-120g1-20g
Counting Capacity (Per Hour)5 tons4 tons4 tons125k fry
No. of Counting Channels24812
Inlet Diameter (mm/in)200 / 7⅞160 / 6¼160 / 6¼160 / 6¼
Outlet Channel (mm / in)210 / 8¼100 / 450 / 230 / 1¼
Dimensions (L x W x H)49" x 18" x 15"49" x 18" x 13"49" x 18" x 13"49" x 18" x 13"
Ship Wt (lbs)