Asahi America


• Asahi has been pioneering the development of corrosion resistant thermoplastic systems for over 50 years.

• They have an ISO 9001 manufacturing designation

• Their valves are rated for services up to 250º F and pressures up to 230psi, and flows up to 18,500 gpm. Thermoplastic valves outperform metal with respect to corrosion (sulfuric and hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, oxidizing chemicals, caustics, solvents, halogens, and various other hostile fluids), abrasion and freeze resistance, and lower installed cost. (AS ALWAYS: For details of chemical compatibility, consult factory or web site for recommendation.)

• All valves meet or exceed ANSI Class 6 shut-off.

Asahi Ameirca Butterfly Valves Ball Valves Type-21 Ball Valves


• The ball itself is held in place by, and rotates 90 degrees within, PTFE seats. These provide permanent lubrication and keep the valve “bubble-tight”.

 •  They are backed by elastomeric cushions, which provide pressure against the ball and, at the same time, compensate for wear.

 •  Elastomer O-rings are used for stem and carrier seals to prevent leakage to the atmosphere.

 •  Asahi/America ball valves are quick opening and closing; a quarter-turn is all that is necessary.

 •  They are easy to maintain, and they provide tight sealing with low torque.

 •  Asahi offers three major types of ball valves: NOTE all true union ball valves and Multiport ball valves may be electrically or pneumatically operated.

         • Type-21 true union ball valves;

         • Omni ball valves;

         • Type-23 true union Multiport® ball valves.

  • An optional tee ported ball allows simultaneous left and right flow.



• Asahi butterfly valves offer the advanced Type-57 valve, which has no metal to media or environment contact whatsoever. These valves may be operated manually, electrically, or pneumatically.