Arvo-Tec Robot Feeding System

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Robot Feeding System
Improves feed efficiency and saves labor time.

Improves feed efficiency and saves labor time. One feeding robot serves multiple tanks, eliminating the need for a feeder at each tank. A high feed turnover rate through the hopper prevents storage problems such as feed expiration. Controlled via local programmer or from a PC.


• Travel speed 18 m/min.
• 24VDC rechargeable battery.
• Optical “eye” to avoid collision.
• Provides 2 feed types from 50-L silos.
• Each robot feeds up to 240 tanks, with a max rail length of 450 m.
• Rail: 80 mm steel I-Beam, INP80, DIN1025 Options include advanced PC control, automatic refilling and feed spreader.

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